Personal details
Killed in duel
14th century CE
Physical details
Sex Male
Species Pan-human
Allegiance Kraiklyn's Free Company

Zallin was a pan-human male employed by Kraiklyn's Free Company during the Idiran-Culture War. His position in the Compnay was taken by Horza after a lethal duel.


At the time of death Zallin had few personal belongings aboard Clear Air Turbulence. Aside from a some clothing he had a rusty sword, a collection of cheap daggers, and some large micropage books displaying moving scenes from ancient wars.[1]

When Horza was recovered by the Company, Kraiklyn ordered Zallin to dump the supposedly-dead Changer into space. Zallin was surprised when Horza turned out to be alive despite the effector strike. Although Horza was still physically weakened from masquerading as an old man, he resisted Zallin's attempt to move him.[2]

To survive Horza agreed to fight Zallin to the death, with the winner remaining on board aboard Clear Air Turbulence. Horza proved a close match for the youthful Zallin. The Changer was unable to use any of his biological venom lest he give his true nature away. Eventually Zallin was beaten. Horza tried to spare the youth but Kraiklyn was adamant and the Changer reluctantly snapped Zallin's neck. Zallin's body and his belongings were dumped overboard into space.[2]


Zallin had no close friends amongst Kraiklyn's Free Company and was regarded as only marginally useful.[1]


At the time of death Zallin had silver hair. His arms were very long and thick as Horza's thighs. He was also taller than Kraiklyn, Wubslin, and Yalson.[2]


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