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A warp unit is a device that creates a warp field.[1]

Data ProcessingEdit

Culture Minds built in the 14th century CE possessed a single internal warp unit. They were used to expand microscopic volumes around a section of information to be manipulated. The volume limit was less than a cubic millimetre.[2]

During the Idiran-Culture War a Mind managed to jury rig its warp unit to envelop itself and use it to reënter real space from hyperspace.[2] When the damaged Mind was recovered and repaired it could not remember the modifications it had made.[3]


Warp motors are units purpose-built as reactionless drives that propel objects[4] along the skein.[5] Ships use motors for faster-than-light travel.[6]

Warp propulsion leaves a wake.[7] Warp crash-stops are inherently inaccurate.[8]

Motors become more dangerous to use as they get deeper into a gravity well. Active motors may be damaged by skein shockwaves caused by warp charges.[5]

Units meant for personal use may be known as warp attachments.[9]

Warp propulsion is less advanced than hyperspace propulsion.[10]


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