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Tsealsir was a Culture machine entity. "Tsealsir" was only part of its name.[1]


Tsealsir was built for the Culture and then given as a present to a Megaship on Vavatch Orbital rather than upgraded. The shuttle used cameras to see what was going on within it.[1]

When the Orbital was slated for destruction during the Idiran-Culture War it returned to Culture service and sent to evacuate the Eaters. The Eaters refused to board but Tsealsir was instructed not to leave until the last moment.[1]

Horza boarded Tsealsir after escaping from the Eaters 43 standard hours before the Orbital's demolition. Horza feigned a serious fire and used Tsealsir's reaction to locate its brain. The Changer then destroyed the brain and commandeered the shuttle to Evanauth.[1]

Horza sold the shuttle for five Aoish Tenths at Evanauth.[2]


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