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Description Edit

A fiendishly potent construct drifts in the Esperi star system, somewhere within the Upper Leaf Swirl, a remote zone in the northern bounds of the Milky Way. Chance isolated encounters by scouting ships from the Culture and Zetetic Elench civilizations reveal the technological capabilities of the so-called Excession object greatly surpass all known advancements, Culture-based or otherwise. Information leaks from the highest, most-secretive circles of the Culture's Special Circumstances division, drawing the attention of many Minds throughout the galaxy. Barely ascertaining the enigmatic craft's true potential, with full-grid manipulation alluding to universe-warping capabilities, the Culture's craftiest war-veteran Minds, the Interesting Times Gang, must mobilize all forces within proximity of Esperi to impede any potential cataclysm.

Physical Appearance Edit

The Esperi Excession was a near perfect black body sphere, with a stippled granular surface orbiting the red giant star Esperi in the Upper Leaf Swirl. It was 53.34 kilometers in diameter. Despite its size it had no apparent mass, and left no indentations on the skein of space-time, giving the first impression of being a projection of sorts. Later the Excession was discovered to be "connected" to both ends of the Energy Grid. This was something the Culture was not able to do, and so they took immediate interest. Connection to the grid could imply the ability to traverse the grid and travel to both older and younger universes which lay beyond the layers of energy.

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