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The Ends of Invention was an ex-Culture Systems Vehicle.


At the time of the destruction of Vavatch Orbital, the ship had two General Bays. A Megaship from Vavatch was stored in one of the General bays.[1] A General bay was large enough to carry an Ocean-class Systems Vehicle.[2]


At the time of the destruction of Vavatch, the ship was considered a General Systems Vehicle but no longer part of the Culture. It was demilitarized with most of its equipment removed. No controlling Minds remained. It was docked at Vavatch Orbital and controlled by the Hub authorities. This was in accordance with the Idiran-Culture War Conduct Agreement.[2]

The GSV helped evacuate the Orbital. A Megaship was taken aboard for preservation[1] and at least one Evanauth shipbuilder transferred their facilities.[2]

Clear Air Turbulence, Kraiklyn's Free Company ship, docked in Smallbay 27492 at Vavatch for repairs after damaging its warp units while raiding the Megaship Olmedreca.[1] When Horza assumed command of the Company, Culture agents disrupted the normal departure procedure. This forced the smaller ship to make a spectacular exit through the GSV's interior on it own power instead of being towed out.[2]


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