The Temple of Light was a religious institution on Marjoin.


At some point during the Idiran-Culture War, the Temple was used by a sect of a militant faith espoused by one of the planet's nation states. The Temple found itself in a precarious position when war, inspired by the greater galactic conflict, broke out between that religiously-inspired country and a vaguely socialist country. The Temple was located near the border of the two warring states and the priests and monks armed themselves for protection.[1]

That same year the Temple was raided by Kraiklyn's Free Company. The raiders were unaware of the geopolitical situation and thought the now-fortified Temple to be an easy target. The Company was repelled without achieving its objective. A particularly unexpected problem was the crystal material of the buildings which rendered the attackers' lasers useless. The defenders had armed themselves with projectile weapons.[1]


The Temple complex consisted of a collection of low, slope-sided, buildings and short towers surrounded by a wall. The outer wall face was seven metres tall and sloped at about 40 degrees. At the top was a broad wall walk and another similar wall going up to the next storey.[1]

The interior of the temple was constructed of laser-reflecting crystal.[1]

Much of the exterior and interior walls were covered by naturally growing moss.[1]


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