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Sro Kierachell Zorant was a female Changer. She served as a caretaker on Schar's World and was killed there by Idiran troops during the Idiran-Culture War.[1] Kierachell was a dormant Changer, a Changer who had no training or desire to practice Changing.[2] She owned a book copy of of her favourite story, which began with the text "The Jinmoti of Bozlen Two".[3]


Kierachell accepted a post as caretaker on Schar's World, partly to escape the increasingly bellicose atmosphere on Heibohre, which was in the Idiran sphere of influence by that time.[2] While on Schar's World she became romantically involved with Horza. She was unhappy with his departure.[2]

She was had been on Schar's World for seven years[2] when the Idiran-Culture War reached the planet. Idiran troops arrived in pursuit of a Culture Mind. The Idirans, having endured a 2000 kilometre trek and heavy losses due to the elements and lack of supplies, attacked the caretaker camp in desperation. Kierachell was the first Changer to die, being killed by a medjel while asleep.[1]


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