Sarble was a famous female pan-human freelance reporter during the Idiran-Culture War. She was known for gaining entry to difficult places. Due to intentional misinformation Sarble was thought to be male. She used the the nickname Sarble the Eye.[1]


During the Idiran-Culture War, Sarble covered the Damage game attended by the Players on the Eve of Destruction on Vavatch Orbital. She made a report four hours before the game before infiltrating the hosting arena. Her male decoy was captured inside and she was constantly noticed, but not identified, by Horza.[1]

After the game Sarble and her team were intercepted by Horza and forced them to carry him in their hover car. The Changer needed a vehicle to pursue Kraiklyn and, having deciphered Sarble's true identity, insinuated he would release that information if cooperation was not forthcoming.[1]

The vehicle chase concluded without incident and when Horza disembarked to continue the pursuit on foot Sarble made a rude one-figured gesture that summed up her sentiments.[1]


Sarble had long white hair.[1]


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