Quayanorl Gidborux Stoghrle III
Personal details
14th century CE
Physical details
Species Idiran
Allegiance Idiran Empire

Quayanorl Gidborux Stoghrle III[1] was an Idiran who saw action during the Idiran-Culture War. He was killed on Schar's World during an unsuccessful attempt to capture a Culture Mind.


Raid on Schar's WorldEdit

Main article: Raid on the Command System

During the Idiran-Culture War, Quayanorl was attached to the 93rd Fleet with the position of Subordinate-Captain[1]. The fleet intercepted a ship carrying a Mind, but the Mind escaped to Schar's World when the ship was destroyed. Xoxarle was part of a raiding party sent to capture the Mind. The party's chuy-hirtsi warp animal was shot down by "Mr. Adequate" but Quayanorl survived the crash. He, Xoxarle and six medjel were the only ones to survive the debilitating trek to the Command System.[2]

Station SixEdit

Quayanorl and Xoxarle were the only raiders to reach station six. The pair found what they thought was the Mind, actually a drone masquerading as the Mind, and attempted to bring the parked train online. Quayanorl was working at the front of the train and the control cab when Kraiklyn's Free Company arrived. The Company was led by Horza but the raiders opened fire on them not realizing the Changer was in the Idiran's employ.[3]

Xoxarle, at the back of the train, was closer to the Company. Quayanorl provided cover fire from inside the train. Once Xoxarle was disabled, Quayanorl ran out onto the top level of the passenger ramp at the front of the train. He shot and destroyed the Mind's decoy before being hit by lasers and falling off the gantry to the station's floor. The Company thought he was dead. Aviger shot the Idiran's head with a laser, blowing off a dead eye, before the Company departed. Quayanorl was conscious when Aviger shot him and overheard the Company planning to go to station seven.[3]


The ordeal in station six left Quayanorl mortally wounded. He awoke He had one eye and arm usable. One leg was blown off, another was numb, and the last was broken. The Idiran awoke after the Company reached station seven. He used his good arm to drag himself up the ramp. Once in the control cab the Idiran activated the train and sent it headlong to station seven.[4]

Quayanorl died en route before his train collided with the one parked in station seven. The impending collision through Kraiklyn's Free Company into disarray and helped Xoxarle escape. It also forced the Mind from its hiding spot; it had been hiding in the station seven's train's reactor car masquerading as the nuclear reactor.[1]


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