A Planet of the Dead is a large space habitat, not necessarily a planet, which has suffered a global cataclysm and claimed by the Dra'Azon. The Dra'Azon usually preserved the Planet in its post-catastrophe state as a monument to death and destruction.[1]

type of planetoid or other space construct claimed and preserved by the Dra'Azon. Planets of the Dead were chosen for having borne witness to a global cataclysmic event, such as the destruction of an indigenous civilization.[2]

Each Planet was surrounded by an interdiction zone called a Quiet Barrier. The Dra'Azon overseer destroyed intruders entering the Barrier.[3] The overseer might transmit a multilingual warning encouraging would-be trespassers to turn back.[4]


Around 2200 BCE the Dra'Azon came to an agreement with most rival Galactic Federations to permit ships in distress to cross the Quiet Barriers. Small caretaker bases were set up on most Planets to aid these unfortunates. The bases were manned by members from politically neutral and relatively powerless cultures.[5]

Known PlanetsEdit


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