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The term Pan-human describes a large group of roughly humanoid species with similar characteristics, originating from many worlds across the galaxy.[1]


The pan-human bio-heritage included a primal "lust for destruction, [and] glory."[2]

In the 20th century CE, most pan-human cultures practised gender equality.[1]


Pan-humans used water as a reference medium.[3]

In the 20th century CE, most pan-humans breathed oxygen.[1]

In the 29th century CE, approximately 28 percent of pan-human meta-species had hymens[4], about a third shared the same definition of one standard gravity[5], and most had head hair.[6]


Pan-humanity was spread widely across the Milky Way.[1]

In the 20th century CE, pan-humans amounted to less than one percent of the total life-mass of the galaxy.[1]


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