Olsule was a male pan-human resident of the Culture's Masaq' Orbital in the late 22nd century CE.[1]


Olsule instructed the Orbital's Hub not to warm him if he left home without a communications terminal.[1]

Olsule attended E.H. Tersono's Eighth-Day recital in Aquime City aboard the ceremonial barge Soliton; it marked the beginning of the Orbital's remembrance of the Battle of the Twin Novae, which took place over 800 years before in the Idiran-Culture War. He forgot to bring a terminal, and mistook his inert brooch, an artistic work by Xossin Nabbard, to be one. As a result, at the proceeding reception, a query to Hub regarding the edibility of an item in the buffet went unanswered. Olsule assumed the "terminal" was malfunctioning.[1]

Hub noticed Olsule's confusion. Homomdan guest Kabe Ischloear was standing beside Olsule and, with the Homomdan's permission, the Hub used Ischloear's nose ring terminal to communicate with Olsule. The pan-human initially mistook the Homomdan for a statue. Hub continued the conversation through a floating serving tray.[1]

Olsule instructed Hub to warn him if he left home without a terminal from then on. He also considered getting a lace implanted. He was accompanied by one of the barge's remotes for the rest of the evening. The serving tray moved on before Olsule remembered to make his original query.[1]


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