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Olmedreca was a Megaship on Vavatch Orbital.


Olmedreca was four kilometres long and nearly three wide, and shaped like an arrowhead. It massed a billion tonnes. The ship had subsidiary lasers, separate from the bow lasers, on a side prow.[1]


Olmedreca was abandoned on the eve of the destruction of Vavatch during the Idiran-Culture War. The hull was breached by a nuclear warhead. The ship remained afloat but the breach caused its course to curve toward the Edgewall.[1]

Kraiklyn's Free Company attempted to raid the abandoned ship for its bow lasers. The effort was cut short when the ship collided with an immense iceberg.[1] The forward kilometre of the hull was destroyed or buried inside and there was further damage from the nuclear device detonated by Lamm. The Company evacuated before the police arrived.[2]


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