Neisin was a male employed by Kraiklyn's Free Company in during the Idiran-Culture War.[1] He was killed on Schar's World when his projectile gun barrelcrashed.[2]


Neisin bought a rapid fire light projectile rifle.[3] Yalson told him the gun was too cheap.[2]

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He wielded a Microhowitzer during the Company's failed raid on the Temple of Light on Marjoin.[1] After the raid he refused to use personal laser weapons.[3] Pursuant to this he bought additional light explosive[4] micro projectile magazines on Vavatch Orbital.[5]

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Neisin was killed in station six of the Command System on Schar's World. His light projectile rifle barrelcrashed and exploded. He succumbed to severe injuries.[2]


When Horza joined the Company during the Idiran-Culture War, Neisin was a drunkard who sang a lot, but was otherwise more sociable than Mipp. Too much drink could induce crying.[1]


Neisin was small and wiry, and had a shaved head, in 1331 CE.[1]


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