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"Mr. Adequate" was a Dra'Azon entity. It was the guardian of Schar's World, a Planet of the Dead.[1]

The name "Mr. Adequate" was given to it by the Changer caretakers on Schar's World, in lieu of any other form of identification.[1]


Mr. Adequate was the overseer of Schar's World during Horza's short stay as a caretaker there.[1] During the Idiran-Culture War, it permitted a Culture Mind in distress to take refuge in the Command System while fleeing Idiran pursuers.[2] The Idiran pursuit and recovery team riding in on a chuy-hirtsi warp animal was shot down by a weapon resembling gridfire upon passing the Quiet Barrier[3] although some survived the crash on the planet. Mr. Adequate did not interfere when the Idiran survivors killed the Changer caretaker staff for supplies before moving into the Command System.[4]

Horza, a Changer who had formerly served as a caretaker on the planet, returned under Idiran employ to capture the Mind. The Dra'Azon recognized him and deduced his mission, but nonetheless permitted Horza and Kraiklyn's Free Company enter after giving a cryptic warning about the death of the caretaker staff.[4]


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