Medjel are a species native to Idir. They are the Idirans' companion species.


The complex social symbiosis between medjel and Idiran developed on the hostile ecology of Idir. The Idirans eventually triumphed as paramount creature on that savage background. The medjel were bred by the Idirans to be loyal servants.[1]

By the Idiran-Culture War there were ten to twelve times more medjel than Idirans, and they served as soldiers.[1]


At the time of the Idiran-Culture War, medjel were considered two-thirds as intelligent as the "average" pan-human, or perhaps two to three times less intelligent than the average Idiran. Medjel loyalty to the Idirans was the result of 40 thousand years of breeding which went down to the chromosome level.[1]


The species was lizard-like with a flat long head and six legs, the front pair being used as arms. Medjel could reach 2 metres in length.[1]


Medjel lived in units called tribes.[2]


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