Maust was a male pan-human citizen of the Vreccile Economic Community (VEC). he was the lover of Wrobik Sennkil, a self-exile from the Culture.[1]


Wrobik Sennkil fell in love with Maust after arriving on Veccris and the two began an intimate relationship. Maust called his partner Wrobbie. Maust was the only one Sennkil told of her secret origins.[1]

Eight years after Sennkil arrived in the VEC, Maust worked as an exotic dancer in Vreccis Low City. As homosexuality was outlawed the establishment could be closed at any time by the authorities and its employees arrested. However the police seemed to be content as long as the business closed promptly every night and employees and patrons promptly dispersed.[1]

Sennkil suspected Maust of betraying the Culture secret to Bright Path. Kaddus and Cruizell leveraged this information to conscript Sennkil in a plot to assassinate the VEC's Admiral of the Fleet. Sennkil determined to leave the city and avoid participating, and attempted to persuade Maust to come with him. Maust refused as had accepted a career-advancing job in High City offered to him by Risåret.[1]

Kaddus and Cruizell kidnapped Maust and forced Sennkil to abort his escape and cooperate.[1]


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