Listach Petrain (Full Name: Parharengyisa Listach Ja'andeesih Petrain dam Kotosklo) was a Culture citizen in the 21st century CE.


Listach Petrain became interested in Earth about a hundred years[1] after its survey by the GCU Arbitrary in 1976-77 CE.[2] He petitioned Diziet Sma, a member of the ship's crew during the survey, for a personal recollection.[1] Sma was forced to delay filling the request due to Special Circumstances work, and Petrain received a stalling letter composed by Skaffen-Amtiskaw, Sma's SC drone bodyguard.[3] In the course of correspondence, Petrain sent Sma news of Arbitrary's activities of the past decades.[1]

Petrain edited A Short History of the Idiran War, published in 2110 CE; while not commissioned by Contact, it was approved by Contact for an Earth Extro-Information Pack.[4]


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