Personal details
14th century CE
Physical details
Sex Male
Species Pan-human
Allegiance Kraiklyn's Free Company

Lenipobra was a male pan-human employed by Kraiklyn's Free Company and was the youngest member by the time of the raid on the Temple of Light. He passed as the Company's medic.[1]


By Horza's recruitment into Kraiklyn's Free Company, Lenipobra had acquired a relatively recent pan-human medical textbook on performing common treatments. The medic thought these looked like great fun. The Changer was doubtful of Lenipobra's actual abilities.[1]

Lenipobra went into the raid on the Temple of Light on Marjoin armed with a small projectile pistol and an AG-equipped suit. He accompanied Kraiklyn in the early stages. When the raid turned into a disaster he disobeyed and entered the temple through a roof door intent on saving his comrades. He recovered Dorolow and safely returned to the shuttle.[1]

The Company moved to Megaship Olmedreca‎ on Vavatch Orbital. Lenipobra was late to the pre-operation briefing after struggling to prepare in his cabin and did not receive reminder that anti-gravity did not work on Orbitals. The rest of the Company forgot to fill him in. He was excited by the spectacle that was sure to ensue when the Culture destroyed the orbital. Once over the Megaship, Lenipobra unwisely leapt out of Clear Air Turbulence's shuttle before anyone could stop him. His AG unit failed to function as expected and he fell over five storeys to the deck below. He landed spread eagle and was killed on impact.[2]

Lenipobra's body was recovered onto the shuttle.[2] It was later lost when Mipp crashed the shuttle near the island of the Eaters.[3]


Lenipobra had garish red hair and long, skinny arms. He spent a quarter of each ship day aboard Clear Air Turbulence moving on all fours. A "crude" image of a humanoid woman was tattooed on his tongue.[1]


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