The LPP 91 was a type of Culture Light Plasma Projector. It was a general purpose "peace"-rated weapon not suited for full battle use.[1]


The handgun's antimatter battery was expected to provide power for the entire life of the device. At maximum power it fired 3.3 gigajoule bolts with a 14 second recycle time. The maximum rate of fire was 260 rounds per second.[1]


The LPP 91 was self-stabilizing once locked onto a target.[1]

Its computer had a brain value of point one. Usage instructions could be dispensed audibly.[1]

The weapon used an epidermal gene analysis to ensure only Culture genofixed individuals could activate it although there were modes available if gloves or light armour were worn. The gun was designed to irreversibly disable itself if an attempt to dismantle it was made.[1]