For the Involved polity, see Idiran Empire.

The Idirans are a tripedal[1] sentient species native to Idir.[2] They were the dominant species of the Idiran Empire.

The Idirans became the dominant species of a planet with a frenetic and savage ecology. Idir's high radiation levels also spurred evolution. Intelligence and biological immortality were factors in the Idirans' eventual triumph. The immortality was not lead to stagnation because of the vicious struggle for survival and the planet's high radiation levels. In the course of tens of thousands of years of development the Idirans bred the medjel to be a subservient companion species.[2]


Idirans were large beings, and could grow to be three[1] or even three and a half[3] metres tall. Their bodies were covered in keratinous armor. They had distinctive saddle-shaped heads with four eyes, one pair to the front of the head and one toward the back, and wide mouths.

Idirans had a vestigial third arm which formed a chest-flap. Hundreds of thousands of years prior to becoming civilized, the flap was used to create chest-booms, a warning sound and signal to their herd or clan. An amplified chest-booms was used as an alarm signal aboard warships of the Idiran Empire.[2]

The anterior lung-sack held a reserve of hyper-oxygenated blood for emergencies.[4]

The Idirans started life in the fertile breeding stage. As dual hermaphrodites each half of the couple impregnated the other, with each usually bearing twins. This stage was maintained for one, and sometimes two, pregnancies and weanings.[5]

Following the breeding stage their bodies transformed them into sexless warriors. Muscle mass and density, and the thickness and hardness of the keratinous covering, increased. They grew by another metre and their mass doubled overall. The internal organs changed to support the new state while the reproductive organs were completely absorbed.[5]

While biologically immortal, Idirans could kill themselves with a death trance. This was only used in extreme circumstances.[6]


The transition to the warrior state brought upon either personality changes or an increase in intelligence. In 1331 CE, it was not agreed upon which was the case. The changes manifested in more cunning, logical, and ruthless minds, with a commensurate loss of open-mindedness, imagination, and compassion.[5]

Idirans in the warrior state were considered practically more intelligent than the average pan-human.[2]

Known IdiransEdit

See: Idirans.


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