Ghalssel was a male and a member of the Players on the Eve of Destruction during the Idiran-Culture War.[1] He was admired by Kraiklyn.[2]


Ghalssel was from a high-g world. He became the leader of the Ghalssel's Raiders, reputedly the most successful Free Company at the time of the destruction of Vavatch Orbital.[1] He commanded from Leading Edge.[2]

He attended the Damage game on Vavatch Orbital prior to the Orbital's destruction during the Idiran-Culture War.[1]

The Idiran-Culture War was profitable for Ghalssel. He died afterwards during the seven-strata battle sequence in Oroarche.[3]


Reportedly Ghalssel only removed his suit for Damage games.[1]


Ghalssel was a stocky man with a shaven head.[1]


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