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The Gerontocracy of Sorpen was a Culture-aligned polity during the Idiran-Culture War.


During the Idiran-Culture War, the Gerontocracy apprehended Idiran agent Horza with the aid of Culture Special Circumstancer Balveda. Horza was subsequently rescued by Idiran forces and Gerontocracy territory on Sorpen was bombarded by The Hand of God 137.[1]


Execution of notable criminals was carried out restraining the prisoner in a sewercell in the basement of the prison-palace. Above celebrations including a banquet were held with the resulting garbage and bodily wastes flowing down into the cell. The prisoner was regarded as the party's "host". Eventually the prisoner expired as the cell filled up.[2]


At the time of the Idiran-Culture War the Gerontocracy could not produce plasma weapons.[1]


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