The Galactic General Council[1] (or Galactic Council[2]) was an organization in the Milky Way that moderated interactions between polities, particularly the Involved from which it drew its membership.[3]


Further information: Jury of the Galactic Council, Neutral Foundations

The Council worked toward ameliorate tensions and conflicts between the Involved.[4][1] It also supported the maintenance of safe environments for developing civilizations.[2][5] The Council designated polities to oversee territorial protectorates, and by extension become mentors to the civilizations contained within them.[1][2]

Censure by the Council was a deterrent against serious misbehaviour by polities.[6]


Shortly after the Council was formed, it granted the Oct and Aultridia joint protective custody of the access Towers of the Shellworld Sursamen.[1] The Nariscene mandate over Sursamen[1], and relocation of the Sarl to the shellworld, were also made with Council approval.[2]

Council representatives were active as peace feelers during the short Affront-Culture War in the 19th century CE.[4] At the end of the conflict, the GSV Sleeper Service submitted a copy of its summary of events directly to the Council.[7]

During the lead-up to the Sublimation of the Gzilt in the 24th century CE, Gzilt opposed to the Subliming unsuccessfully argued to the Council that the Sublime was "illegal" and "improperly mandated."[8]

The Council received testimony from anti-Hell supporters during the War in Heaven in the 29th century CE.[9] The evidence of the horrific activities in the Hells helped turn galactic opinion against the Hells.[10]


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