The Evanauth Damage game took place in 1331 CE prior to the destruction of Vavatch Orbital. Its most prominent players were those from the Players on the Eve of Destruction. Lesser personalities, including Kraiklyn, also participated.[1]



The imminent destruction of Vavatch provided a suitable backdrop for a game. The Orbital's authorities agreed to allow the game and an arena in Evanauth, the capital, was chosen as the venue. The game drew attention because of the attendance of some of the Players on the Eve of Destruction.[1]

Freelance reporter Sarble attended covertly. Horza was in the audience waiting to ambush and kill Kraiklyn after the game.[1]

The most desirable arena seats were sold out the day before the game. The arena was occupied with subsidiary events and entertainment in the lead-up to the game.[1]

Some Players were still soliciting for Lives right up to the start. Kraiklyn managed to find only three Lives. The Players entered exactly seven hours before the Orbitals' destruction.[1]

The GameEdit

Wilgre won the first hand. Five other Players stayed committed long enough to lose Lives. Kraiklyn dropped out early and did not lose a Life.[1]

Tengayet Doy-Suut won the second hand. Neeporlax and Kraiklyn lost a Life each. The breastless woman player to Kraiklyn's right dropped out early.[1]

The game went on and Kraiklyn lost another life, and forced him to play even more conservatively. Wilgre and Tengayet Doy-Suut led in Lives remaining with the former with more money. Two players were out.[1]

Eventually the other Players all put pressure on Kraiklyn. He was hit by a concerted Pit of Self-Doubt and was distracted enough to lose the hand and his last Life. That hand was won by the breastless woman.[1]



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