The energy grid[1] (or e-Grid[2]) is the energetic domain that delineates universes within meta-space.[3] A universe is bounded by the grid in both hyperspacial directions.[4]

Small strands of the grid[5] may be used as an energy source[6] The grid may be artificially induced to intersect with the skein on a large scale; this intersection manifests in real space as a destructive phenomenon known as gridfire.[7][8] White holes naturally channel the grid into real space.[5]

Spacecraft may be propelled by gaining "traction" on[9] and pushing off the grid using hyperspacial motors; superluminal speeds are attainable in hyperspace in this manner.[10] The grid is more "tenuous" outside of galaxies; hyperspace travel is slower outside of galaxies because it is more difficult to gain "traction" on the grid.[11]

The grid is a barrier to inter-universal travel.[5] A link with the grid suggests an ability to traverse it, but creating such links is beyond most lesser civilizations. Some black holes seem to have links with the grid, but these are not practical avenues for interuniversal communication or travel.[12]

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