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The Eaters were a religious group whose practices involved extreme asceticism and unusual dietary customs. Fwi-Song was its founder and prophet.[1]


The Eaters believed in a god and Fate. Consumption of what was generally not eaten in civilized society (bodily wastes, sand, bark, moss, bones, etc.) was seen as a way of becoming close to the fabric of Fate. This left adherents in a state of malnutrition.[1]

The prophet consumed other sentient pan-humans alive and described this as "the blessed gift of transubstantiation."[1]

The Eaters reviled the Culture.[1]


The Eaters were founded by Fwi-Song shortly before the destruction of Vavatch Orbital in 1331 CE. The group of 40 to 50 adherents moved to an island on the Orbital. Tsealsir, a Culture shuttle, was sent to evacuate them but the Eaters refused to board.[1]

Horza crash landed near the island in Clear Air Turbulence's shuttle after the raid on the Megaship Olmedreca by Kraiklyn's Free Company. Horza was captured by the Eaters and slated to be eaten by the prophet Fwi-Song.[1]

Fwi-Song was poisoned attempting to eat the Changer, who subsequently escaped.

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