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Contact was the section of the Culture responsible for foreign interaction and military matters.


Contact engaged in the Culture's "good works" by exploring and interacting with other civilizations.[1] It handled almost all interactions between the Culture and elements not-Culture.[2]

During the Idiran-Culture War, Contact acted as the Culture's armed forces. Purpose built Culture warcraft were rare in the early years, and were substituted by General Contact Vehicles[3] and General Contact Units. These ships were heavily engaged and outnumbered.[4]

Contact's fleet represented a second line of defence for preserving the Culture. The first line consisted of large habitats (Orbitals, Rocks, etc..), with the last being the Oubliettionaries.[5]


Contact always contained specialist sub-divisions. The Numina, Quietus, and Restoria divisions were formally created during a reorganization during the mid-3nd millennium CE.[2]


Numina dealt with the Sublimed.[5]

Quietudinal ServiceEdit

The Quietudinal Service, or Quietus, dealt with virtually extant, if physically dead, entities, such as those residing in Afterlives.[2]


The Restoria section dealt with hegemonising swarm outbreaks. Its mission included the management, amelioration, and destruction, of hegswarms. The section was nicknamed "Pest Control".[2]

Special CircumstancesEdit

Main article: Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances was originally a part of Contact. After the early years of the Idiran-Culture War[4], while still relatively young, SC was formally divested from Contact and became an independent organization. The split occurred because SC's activities could not be morally justified within Contact.[2] Contact was frequently seen as being second best to SC.[5]


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