The Chelgrian-Puen were the Sublimed portion of Chelgrian civilization. They were also referred to as the "gone-before". Through the 22nd century CE, the Chelgrian-Puen were unique in that they remained in contact with those they left behind.[1]

The Chelgrian-Puen created Chelgrian heaven - an afterlife for the mind-states of dead Chelgrians - based on traditional religious beliefs.[1] The Chelgrian-Puen could influence the actions of the Chelgrian State where matters of the afterlife were concerned.[2]


The Chelgrian civilization's partial Subliming Event occurred shortly after they developed the technology to create mind-states, and within a few hundred years of developing space travel. 6% of the civilization Enfolded within a day and became the Chelgrian-Puen; there was no pattern to the backgrounds of the Enfoldees, which also included some sentient machines. The partial Enfolding was attributed to the caste system's culture of simultaneous unity and division. That any Chelgrians Enfolded so soon after achieving space travel was seen by some Involveds as immature.[1]

The Chelgrian-Puen maintained links with Chelgrian civilization. Early on these took the form of dreams, manifestations at cultural sites and events, alterations to secure archives, alterations to physical constants in laboratories; other activities led to the recovery of lost artifacts, the uncovering of scandals, and a number of unlikely scientific breakthroughs.[1]

Typically the Sublimed demonstrated little interest with the universe as observed by the Involveds; observed actions by the Sublimed tended to be inscrutable and eccentric. The Chelgrian-Puen's atypical behaviour won the Chelgrians a short-lived celebrity status, as well as alarming some of the Involveds; the Chelgrians were closely observed for a few hundred days, and research efforts into the Sublimed were quietly reactivating. Fears regarding what the Chelgrian-Puen might do with their power proved unfounded, seemingly limiting themselves to the creation and oversight of an afterlife for dead Chelgrians, a heavenly paradise based on Chelgrian mythology.[1]

In the aftermath of the Caste War, a civil war within the Chelgrin State, the Chelgrian-Puen denied the war dead entry into heaven. According to ancient belief, the ascension of war dead had to be paid for in an equal toll of enemy dead; the Chelgrian-Puen decreed the blood-price had to be paid by the Culture, which was ultimately responsible for the war.[2] In response, the Chelgrian State covertly attacked the Culture using the non-Sublimed resources available to it. The Chelgrian-Puen provided some assistance during the preparatory stage.[3]

Means of contactEdit

The Chelgrian-Puen maintained links to the rest of the Chelgrian civilization at least partially through machines in the care of Chelgrian religious orders.[1] The Estodiens were Chelgrians who worked closely in matters of the Chelgrian-Puen and the afterlife; they were highly respected.[2]


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