The Abominator-class was a type of Culture General Offensive Unit in service by c. 29th century CE.[1]


Abominators were composed of multiple subsections. These included at least five major elements[2] - effectively autonomous spacecraft[3] - and subsidiary munitions platforms. These subsections allowed each ship to become a small fleet. An Abominator was only 1.6 kilometres long when operating as a single vehicle contained only by naked hull in full compression.[4]

The personality of the controlling Minds were not known for mildness or sociability.[1]


A prototype Culture Offensive Unit designated Abominator existed by the 19th century CE.[5]

2000 Abominators entered service around the 29th century CE as the Culture's. Their deployment was a result of the unsatisfactory rapid reaction capability of Stored warcraft. The Abominators were spread evenly around the galaxy, spending most of their time waiting for crises.[4]

Upon entering service, the Abominators were publicly classified as "picket ships"[4], seemingly in keeping with the Culture's euphemistic reclassification of warships following the Idiran-Culture War; reclassification was typically meant to stress demilitarization.[6] The Abominators were classified as picket ships to mask their atypical nature; unlike typical pickets, Abominators were fully armed and operational warships and rarely served as transports.[4]


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