The 93rd Fleet was an armed forces unit of the Idiran Empire. It saw action during the Idiran-Culture War.


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In 1331 CE, the 93rd Fleet was operating in and near the Sullen Gulf. Elements of the fleet destroyed a Culture factory ship and a fleeing ship carrying a Mind. The Mind escaped to Schar's World.[1][2] The fleet dispatched a raiding party on a chuy-hirtsi warp beast to pursue and capture the Mind. Contact with the raiding party was lost after it was shot down by the Dra'Azon overseer upon entering the Quiet Barrier.[3]

One of its targets was Sorpen but it was forced to send The Hand of God 137 ahead to rescue Changer agent Horza from execution. The Changer was needed to capture the escaped Mind. The Hand of God 137 was destroyed by GCU Nervous Energy but Horza survived by being captured by Kraiklyn's Free Company.[3] The fleet arrived at Sorpen a number of hours and recovered three officers from The Hand of God 137, including the Querl Xoralundra, who had escaped capture and been briefly interned by the Gerontocracy of Sorpen.[4]

The fleet remained in the vicinity of Schar's World for months.[5] Horza, now in control of Kraiklyn's Free Company, planned to rendezvous with the fleet and secure support prior to proceeding to the Planet of the Dead. The Changer ultimately did not do so after being deterred by Culture subterfuge.[2]


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